The history of Atletico Madrid

History of Atletico MadridStarting with the date of foundation on the 26th of April 1903 until the present day, Atletico Madrid has sent its sympathizers through a truly emotional rollercoaster within the last 100 years. What started as a capital city offshoot of Athletic Bilbao, soon transformed into a big professional working club which established itself firmly as a local constant and not by coincidence was also one of the foundation members of the Spanish football league. Even back then, the Club was not invulnerable to surprising relegations and deep financial crises, through which at the same time however, those responsible got aware of having their true and fanatic fans behind them. Therefore, it only ostensible surprises, that the fan’s consolation was most numerous in worst times. Both in the 30th and 40th (when the club was forced to merge with the Spanish air force), and also with the beginning of the new century, in a phase in which it had to be feared for the survival of the club almost every day.

Although suffering and bad success are an inseparable part of a vivid history, Atlético possessed many great teams which often played for trophies and championships as well.  From the first championship in 1940 to the, for the moment last one in 1996, the club closed the season nine times as first, the same number of successes has it on its name in the Copa del Rey. In addition, there are successes in Cup Winner´s Cup (1962) and World Cup (1975). The great coronation, that is to say the European Cup in which Atletico stood in the finals in 1974 however stayed away, characteristically in a tragic manner. The history of great players is also the history of great players starting from the “black pearl” Ben Barek to the genius Brazilian Vava, top scorer Luis Aragones, “continues burner” Adelardo or also Calleja or Keeper Abel Resino, national and international stars who were trained by coaches of various traditions; from the “catenaccio inventor” Helenio Herrera to the attacking fanatic Luis Cesar Menotti. Not to mention partly visionary and sometimes wasteful presidents.

Over a 100 years Atlético – a strong history!

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