Facilities for radio, TV and press

Radio cabins

There are 35 independent acoustic insulated cabins which are all separated from each other; hence no sounds can enter the radio cabins. They are located next to the VIP seats at the “cover zone” on the main stand.

TV cameras

Camera platforms are located in the mid-level and in the superior level of the main stand as well as in the centre of the main stand. Moreover, there are further cameras on the ground and in the sides (laterals) of the stadium.

Phoning possibilities

There is an automatic switchboard with 60 lines and of course public phones located in the press area and at various other places as well.

Press area

[qt:http://files.atleticomadrid.eu/extra/stadien/vicentecalderon/360/Pressesaal.mov 360 150]

The press room is situated right next to the locker rooms and has room for 80 journalists. In addition, there is an introduction room, an anti-doping room and an interview room for press conferences.


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